Partho Dhang
Partho Dhang received his B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. in zoology from university of Madras, Chennai India.

Partho Dhang after his doctorate joined a private organization, SPIC Science Foundation in India as a scientist and worked on development of various bio-rational, crop protection products including plant-based bio-pesticides, insect pheromones and microbial larvicides. Most of the products were commercialized during his tenure.

He left India in the year 1998, to work for a number of companies on short stints, mainly focused on urban entomology. Prominent among them was a Singapore government funded (EDB)project on urban pests. In 2005 he moved to Philippines to set up his own consultancy work.

He is also involved in development of a number of pest control products, including termite bait and a sprayable bait for cockroach.